Whats is EnOcean ?

EnOcean is an open radio protocol with a very low energy consumption. It enables self-powered devices to detect and communicate with each other in a reliable and intelligent way. 


How does EnOcean work?

The EnOcean technology is based on 3 principles :

  • The use of renewable power (i.e. solar power, kinetics or Peltier effect)
  • Self-powered devices with a minimal energy consumption
  • An efficient and non-polluting radio transmission for a safe communication 


Why should I use EnOcean ?

To reduce my energy bill: in combination with TRIO2SYS technological know-how, the EnOcean radio protocol offers the possibility to optimise the building's energy ressources and to use them in a smarter way. Here are some examples:

Lighting management based on room occupancy

HVAC control according to luminosity & temperature

To reduce my operational costs: a radio system is not affected by price hikes in raw materials. It also reduces the installation time on site thanks to the absence of cabling operations. Moreover, self-powered radio devices (no battery) prevent maintenance operations thus decreasing costs.    


To overcome physical constraints: in existing installations, it is not always easy to implement wired intelligent building management systems (i.e. a ship with restricted space, a historic site with specific requirements). For temporary installations (modular constructions, base camps), the advantages of a radio-based system lie in its flexibility compared to the limits faced by traditional wired systems.



To sum up...

For the installer :

  • No cabling
  • Time saving 
  • Easy setting and intuitive configuration
  • A guaranteed interoperability to integrate additional EnOcean-based solutions (devices, gateways)

For the site manager :

  • Less costs (less maintenance shifts to schedule, energy savings)
  • Flexibility (fast deployment between projects)
  • An up-to-100m radio range on open ground

For the end user :

  • More comfort on site
  • No radio pollution
  • Reliable devices (self-powered and user-friendly)

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